PCL-R Usage Supervision & Consultation

with Dr. Carl Gacono

Ensure your PCL-R / PCL:SV scoring is reliable, valid, and withstands the rigors of forensic scrutiny.

Contact Carl B. Gacono, Ph.D., ABAP for advanced PCL-R usage supervision/consultation: drcarl14@aol.com

Consultations can be accomplished by phone, Skype, or in person.

Dr. Gacono has authored over 100 professional publications (articles, book chapters, and books) on antisocial and psychopathic populations, mostly involving the PCL-R. Included in his publications have been the Rorschach Assessment of Aggressive and Psychopathic Personalities (with Reid Meloy), The Clinical and Forensic Assessment of Psychopathy: A Practitioner's Guide (1st and 2nd editions), The Handbook of Forensic Rorschach Assessment (co-editor), and The Clinical and Forensic Interview Schedule for the Hare Psychopathy Checklist: Revised and Screening Version (CFIS). Along with Dr. Tammy Hughes, Dr. Gacono also developed a Youth Version of the CFIS.

Dr. Gacono was instrumental in bringing the institutional usage of the PCL-R to Atascadero State Hospital and other forensic institutions (ASH). His training program at ASH resulted in the highest inter rater field reliabilities reported in the psychopathy literature. Dr. Gacono has conducted over 450 PCL-R evaluations and provided nationally and international training--and consulted with clinicians and attorneys--on implementation and use of the PCL-R in institutions, private practice and the courts. He also consults with attorneys on the use and misuse of the Hare psychopathy scales.